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Citibet – Horse Racing, A Brief You Needed to Know


This is basically a performance sport in which more than one horse participate to complete a race. This is one of the most ancient sports of all time. And since the time this game has remained unchanged. Horse races are of many formats and kinds. 

There are various kinds of breed that participate in the horse racing. The basic Citibet horse racing includes particular breeds that have to run over obstacles, for different tracking surfaces and compete against each other.

The basic types of horse racing in Citibet are :-

Flat racing in which horses have to run between two points. Flat racing is one of the most common forms of citibet horse racing. These days, many surfaces have developed through which horses’ race, like synthetic tracks. This game is very popular in Asia and North America. The usual distance we have to cover is 400 meters. 

Endurance racing, this type of horse racing involves great distances to be covered. Endurance horse racing is very difficult as the host has to cover a lot of distance like 10 to 20 months in one or more than one days. 

Jump racing is where the horses have to overcome bigger obstacles in their racing track.

Now let’s talk about the special breeds of horses that participate in racing. The three basic types of watches are thoroughbred, Arabian horse, and a quarter horse. In these three types, Arabian horses are able to run over long distances as they are not very massive. Thoroughbred are born through artificial insemination. These horses can travel small distances at a fast pace. Quarter horses are very heavy and expensive these are considered to be best for horse racing.

For horse racing, the horses have to go through a special training program. These training programs are done according to their age and skeletal soundness. The horse must be fit and must not be injured. At many horse races, sports betting can be done.


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